A Message from Your H.S.A. President

Dear Families,

     Catholic Schools Week.  This simple phrase brings many different thoughts to each of us whether we are a parent, future parent, administrator, teacher, or student.  Some of us see it as a time to reflect on the wonderful decision we made as parents or will make as parents to bless our children with an opportunity to receive a strong, Catholic education.  For the talented teachers and administrators it is a time to step back and appreciate the environment of the Catholic School as well as the full love and support each student and family provides to complete your daily job.  And to our students, it’s the time to celebrate each other, their school, their teachers, and their friends with many fun activities for a whole week! 

     For me, personally, I would like to take a moment and reflect on a personal impact the Catholic School Teachers and Education provided me.  I am a Kindergarten through 12th grade product of the Catholic School System.  Growing up, I loved the fact that I didn’t have to decide what to wear to school everyday (that was one of the most challenging aspects of going to college – what was I going to wear!), I felt safe and wanted at school, and I made some very good friends along the way.  As a matter of fact, I transferred from a city to a county school in the 4th grade and someone shared her crayons with me the first day.  That someone is still my best friend and Godmother to my son – who would have thought that I’d have a life long friend coming just from this simple act of kindness.  When I was 33, my grandmother who was 96, passed away.  The day before the viewing, I was asked to give the eulogy at the funeral.  I was completely honored but at the same time a little concerned as to how I would get through it, as my grandmother and I were extremely close.  The funeral was being held in our parish which was also where I and my brother and cousins had graduated from grade school.  After Communion, it was time for me to speak.  I approached the pulpit confident I would be strong and honor everything my grandmother had done for everyone throughout her 96 years.  She had never met a stranger and was the most religious person I have known to date.  In my eulogy I reflected on her being my first religion teacher.  As I was looking out over the packed church, sitting towards the back in a tight group were 6 of my grade school teachers.  You can imagine the surprise I felt when I saw these teachers sitting in church at a 10am funeral.  The peace and comfort their faces brought to me helped me through this challenge just as they had during my school day challenges.  The hugs received from them after the service were sincere and warm.  You see, to me, it is the teachers in the Catholic Schools that make the difference in our lives not only while we are their students but also for a lifetime.  So, from myself, and the HSA, we thank you, teachers and administrators, for the love, patience, and guidance you bring to your everyday job – you are truly making a difference and having a lasting impact!

There is so much happening in school in the next couple of weeks.  In addition to the many activities the school has planned for the students and families, the HSA has planned some fun activities as well!  The class projects are almost complete!  The on-line auction will run from the evening of Sunday the 27th through 3pm, Thursday, the 31st.  A separate email with viewing and bidding instructions will be sent.  On Wednesday, the 30th, the HSA is treating every student to a hot dog hot lunch.  The Spirit Wear Committee will also be selling Spirit Wear on Wednesday the 30th at the Elementary School Campus during the Open House in anticipation of the Spirit Wear Day on Friday!  On Friday, February 1st, we are treating the school body to ice skating at Ice World from 12:45-2:45pm.  We do need to ensure every child has a parent on-site with them so please ensure those arrangements are made!  There is also a $3 skate rental fee that will need to be paid on site (exact change would be most appreciated!). 

The evening of February 1st will find many of you using your bingo dabbers feverishly in the hopes of being able to yell BINGO!  We can’t wait to see you there.  If you did not pre-order your dinner, you will be able to purchase dinner until Conrad’s runs out!

While making your plans for the next few months, please Save the Date for these exciting events:

  • Corn Toss – March 2nd, Elementary School Gym, Adults Only
  • HSA Open Meeting – March 26th, Elementary School Gym, Parents/Future Parents
  • Spaghetti Dinner – March 30th, Elementary School Gym, Family Event
  • Father/Daughter Dance – April 13th, Elementary School Gym, Father/Father Figure and Daughter Event
  • Golf Tournament – May 13th, Mountain Branch Golf Course, Adults Only

We are actively planning these events and a few others including the Mother/Son Event and an Adult Social Event in the spring.  If you would like to help with any, please email me.  It is very rewarding to help in any way; most all of us are working parents so we believe in dividing and conquering!


I hope you have a Very Happy and Blessed 2019,