A Message from Your H.S.A. President

Dear Families,

It happened to me again…this past Sunday, Palm Sunday, the Gospel and homily have inspired this month’s opening paragraph of the newsletter.  Many if not all of us can easily tell anyone about the meaning of the Gospel readings (remember, there are 2!) on Palm Sunday.  Jesus is welcomed in to Jerusalem riding on that steady donkey (ever noticed how the donkey plays such an important supporting role from the beginning to the end of Jesus’ life?) as a Savior and King with the townspeople laying palm branches and clothing across the road while cheering and celebrating Him.  The priest at Sunday’s Mass began his homily with a story from the donkey’s perspective.  To paraphrase, the donkey was bragging to his family about how great he was, how everyone cheered for him on that walk through town.  His mother put him in his place and let him know that he is nothing without Jesus riding on his back; those are some pretty powerful words from a mother.  But as I listened to that story I thought of our school community.  Not one of us is special enough to succeed on our own.  Not only do we rely on our Faith to guide us on the right path of life but we also require the help of others in the community to succeed.  The events at school, whether HSA, school, parish, or classroom sponsored, cannot succeed without the commitment and dedication of a team.  I want to thank all of our “team” members for all of the roles they play in every day of our child/ren’s lives.  At the same time, I want to reach out and ask for more team members – we need each of you to ensure the continuity of our events.  None of us can do it alone – Jesus needed the donkey and the donkey needed Jesus – please reach out to me and let me know the special talents you can share with our community!

Those of you that attended the HSA Open Meeting will agree that our speakers, led by Steve Morrill from Loyola High School, were phenomenal.  They enlightened many of us on the current social media apps available to all of us and reminded us that new ones are being made all of the time.  The comfortable atmosphere created by Steve allowed for many questions and much open dialogue from the parents and faculty in attendance.  Steve reminded us that we cannot disallow the use of all social media as our child/children are very smart and will use friends’ devices to access accounts they create; but instead, we should always have open discussions with our child/ren to ensure we know what they are doing and seeing.  Many attendees stayed after the formal meeting to discuss topics with the presenters.  The school is actively working with Steve to secure a date at which time he will present to our students in Grades 4 through 8. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Deanna Townsend and her Italian chefs for another wonderful Spaghetti Dinner.  The gym has not smelt better this whole year!  This event is so well organized and the food is homemade and fabulous.  Our eighth-grade servers were a delight and ensured everyone in attendance was well fed!  Please consider reaching out to Deanna (deannatownsley@yahoo.com) to assist next year.

On April 13th, the “Father/Daughter Enchanted Garden Dance” took place in the beautifully created garden of the ES gym!  A huge thank you goes out to Colleen Grayson and her team for ensuring every girl had a wonderful, enchanted evening with her special Father or Father figure! 

Get your golfing buddies together FORE our Annual Golf Outing on Monday, May 13th at Mountain Branch Golf course.  Sponsorship packages, advertising opportunities, and, of course, tickets are available.  Detailed information can be found on the ticker on the SMS homepage.  Planning is continuing and we would love your help.  We also are in need of volunteers the day of the event.  Please send an email to me (smshsapresident@gmail.com) or the Golf committee at (smsgolfcommittee@gmail.com) to offer your time!

If you drink Coca Cola products, did you know you can donate money back to SMS!  We participate in the “Coca Cola Gives” program.  You can send your reward codes (found under the caps of coke products or on the tear-off portion of the 12 packs) in to the school office and a parent volunteer will enter them for the school.  You also can enter them yourself by going to www.us.coca-cola.com/give/, then clicking on “donate to your school” and selecting St. Margaret School to be the recipient of your entries.    An easy way to give back to the community!  If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Andrews at smscokegives@gmail.com.  

I hope everyone has a Blessed and Safe Easter and Spring Break!