Open Meeting Presentation and Executive Team Help Needed

SMS HSA General Meeting Slides

Thank you to all who attended the general meeting last evening.  Dr. Hanover provided a great presentation on executive functioning helping us all to see the alignment of the brain development of our children with the breaking down of tasks and age appropriate expectations. 

As promised, attached are the slides presented last evening showing our needs on the HSA Executive Committee as well as the needs for some of our events.  If you have any questions or are thinking about becoming more involved in the school community, please reach out to Judith Kopp at  Our other HSA members for this year and their contact information can be found on the website under the "parents", "Home&School" sections if you would like to speak with any of them as well. 

Please let Judith know if you would like to run for a position or would like to recommend someone for a position by March 13.

Judith Kopp

Saint Margaret School HSA President