From the Desk of Mrs. Hobik

August 20, 2018

Dear Parent/Guardians,

May the Lord be with you!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer filled with time to get renewed, refreshed and have the opportunity to get re-energized for the new school year.. And most importantly, I pray that everyone was blessed with peace.  

As we once again open another school year I wish to give updates along with beginning of the year information.  I know that there may be a lot of information to read so I am going to bullet some of it for easier reading. Here goes:

Fr. Kevin:  If you have been attending Mass at St. Margaret and/or reading the parish bulletin during the summer, you have heard about Fr. Kevin’s misfortune.  He broke his foot, had to undergo surgery and will be out of commission for quite some time. Please pray for him; especially for a speedy and full recovery.

We had some re-assignments and a new hires during the summer, here is an updated list (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out):
Chrissy Barnes:  MS secretary
Stacie Currey:  ES secretary
Jennifer Cowan:  assigned to grade 7 homeroom
Jill Doran:  assigned to grade 4
Linda Remsky:  assigned to grade 3
Dawn DeVoe:  Instructional aide for Michelle Swenson PK4
Pam Grunewald:  instructional aide for Helen Burke grade 1
Janet Rittershofer:  instructional aide for Kathy Petrone grade 2
Eileen Healy:  instructional aide for Mary Salvatierra, KG
Lisa Isennock:  instructional aide for Katrina Bullington, KG
Renee O’Mailey:  new hire, PK4, three half-day program and PreSchool Prep.

The renovations of the Primary Building took up most of Mr.Sandy’s time and labor.  God bless him for being so diligent and talented. Thank you to our entire maintenance staff for taking such good care of our school!  The workers were kept on task so that we could start school on time. Here are some of the items that were accomplished:
Renovation to the Primary (white) Building on the ES campus:  central AC, new boiler, and new windows.
Installation of additional AC units in all classrooms and the upstairs hall of the Elementary School Building (red brick).
Construction of a storage shed on the MS campus
Trees removed from the ES campus
Art will now be back in the lower meeting room
Mrs. Christesen’s math group and robotics will be in room 307 in the Primary Building
General maintenance and cleaning of all classrooms and halls

Handbook:  This year’s Handbook will be posted on our website for your perusal.  At Meet the Teacher Day, you will be asked to sign a form stating that you have been made aware of its location.  Hard copies will be sent home upon arrival from the printers.

School Hours:  We have made some slight changes in our school hours. 

Middle School:
Doors open and students go to homerooms at 7:30am
Must be in homeroom by 7:45am
Marked tardy at 7:47am
First class begins at 7:50am
Dismissal at 2:40pm

Elementary School:
Doors open and students to to gym at 7:40am
Students go to homerooms at 7:55am
Marked tardy at 8:10am
First class begins at 8:15am
Dismissal at 2:55pm

AoB Staffing: It was announced during the summer that a new Superintendent was hired, effective July 1.  Dr. Donna Hargens was the Superintendent of Jefferson County Public School in Louisville, Kentucky. I have already met with her numerous times and have invited her to our Opening Liturgy on September 13th so that she can see St. Margaret School at its best!  Dr. Jane Towery has joined the staff at the Catholic Center and will be working with the PRIDE Schools and instruction. We were also notified that the Associate Superintendents were reassigned and our new Associate Superintendent is Margaret Dammeyer.

School Calendar:  Our school calendar is posted on our website.  Please visit it often since additions and changes are continuously being made.

Class Lists:  Class lists will be posted on our website on Friday, August 24, after 3pm.   Please make sure that all registration and financial requirements have been met in order for your child’s name to be included on a list.

Visitor Passes:  We have installed a new Visitor Sign-in Management System at both campuses.  You will need to bring a valid photo ID for screening. This system screens every visitor and issues an electronic Visitor Pass.

Year of Service:  The Department of Catholic Schools has designated this year as “The Year of Service.”  You will see a newly created logo throughout the year on communications to reinforce the theme.    St. Margaret School does extensive service not only within our school community but also in the local and global communities.   

Saint of the Year:  We have coupled “The Year of Service” with our Saint of the Year, St. Vincent de Paul.  He is known for his compassion, humility and generosity. We will be celebrating St. Vincent and his life throughout the year.

I am sure that there is more information to disseminate.  You will be kept updated as soon as we get the information.

Important dates:
August 28         8:00 am       Room Parent Mtg.

August 29         7:30am        Meet the Teacher Day

                           8:30am       ES New Family Mtg.

                           9:30am       MS New Family Mtg.

                           6:30pm       KG Parent Orientation

September 4                         First Day of School, Early Dismissal

September 5                         Full Day of School

                                                PK Sneak a Peek

                          6:30pm        PK Parent Orientation

September 6                         PK Gradual Entrance

September 7                         PK Gradual Entrance

September 10   6:30pm     Middle School Orientation

May you be blessed with peace, safety and joy during these last days of vacation.

Mrs. Madeleine M. Hobik
St. Margaret School