During inclement weather conditions, SMS follows the Harford County Public School early dismissal, late opening, and full day closing decisions.  As noted on page 39 in the School Handbook, this information is announced by WBAL radio and TV stations.  On a scheduled early dismissal day, if public schools open two hours late,  Saint Margaret School will be closed.  On days when Harford County Public Schools are closed and we are scheduled to be open, listen to WBAL radio and TV for our school announcement.  Closings and delays will be sent as a Alert Solutions Message if power is available. 

Should an early closing occur, please have a back-up plan in place to provide pick-up for your children.  It might be another school family, a neighbor, or a relative.  Share this information with your children.  They can become upset when no one arrives and we are unable to reach you.  In recent years, we have had to close early for emergency situations unrelated to weather.  Be prepared and there will be less anxiety for both you and your children.

On rare occasions, such as inclement weather, there may be a change in the dismissal procedure.  If there are icy conditions underfoot or a hard blowing rain, for example, we may decide to keep all students inside at dismissal.  In that case, students will remain in their homerooms and parents will need to park as usual on the lot but come to each child’s homeroom to get them.  If parents wish to take their children early from school, they will need to sign their children out on the individual classroom emergency sign-out sheet.  After most children have left, the remaining students will gather in MS Rooms 110 or 107 or the ES Gym until parents arrive.