Mrs. Christesen’s 5th Grade Math Class Christmas Candy Train Outreach

5th grade math students created and sold over 100 trains in a Christmas fundraising outreach project. Math students creatively assembled the trains and then came early in the morning to set up to sell trains in the gym before homeroom (special thanks to Anna Marie Ohler for generous assistance).  Prior to selling, math students had discussed and then voted on four local charity categories to receive the outreach funds: helping an animal shelter; an elderly outreach center; the poor; and a cancer center. School students who purchased a train got to select from the four categories the one they wished to support. In math class, students counted monies, prepared deposit slips, and talked about fiduciary responsibility and audits. Our total came to almost $250.00 and will be dispersed to the local charities.  Our goals for this project were focused on thinking of others during Christmas, bringing a twinkle to the eyes of younger schoolmates, working with real-life math problems involving estimating and exact answers, and having some holiday fun. It was an all-around success!