Thursday, January 25

Flu season

With flu season on the rise- please get your flu shot and stay well hydrated especially since we seem to have such fluctuations in our temperatures even in the winter months! Take good care of yourself and others!

Monday, January 22

We'd like to announce the Winner of the Top Individual Student Seller Prize for the Bingo Raffle

The Top Seller is Madison Edge in Mrs. Salvatierra's Kindergarten class! Madison is the winner with either a Quadcopter Drone or a cash prize of $150! Thank you Madison!

Thursday, January 11

Mrs. Christesen’s 5th Grade Math Class Christmas Candy Train Outreach

5th grade math students created and sold over 100 trains in a Christmas fundraising outreach project.

Wednesday, January 10


During inclement weather conditions, SMS follows the Harford County Public School early dismissal, late opening, and full day closing decisions.

Wednesday, January 10

First Reconciliation & First Eucharist

Sacramental preparation work will be completed at home. Books and other materials will be handed out after registration.

Wednesday, January 10

Health Room Information

The Health Room staff wishes everyone a very happy, healthy and holy New Year. The Flu and cold season is upon us. Here is some information from the University of Syracuse Health Services:

Wednesday, January 10

Robotics Club

The mission is called Hydro Dynamics and the teams are to improve upon or create new water systems, containers, methods of shipment, or better ways to purify water.

Wednesday, January 10

Arrival & Dismissal

​Arrival & Dismissal At The Elementary Campus & Middle School

Tuesday, January 9


Re-registration paperwork and $85 fee were due on December 13th. If you have not sent in your fee and paperwork please do so as soon as possible. Open registration for new families begins on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Monday, January 8

Bel Air Knight's of Columbus' "Keep Christ in Christmas" Poster Contest