Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival & Dissmissal

Elementary Campus

To ensure the safety of the children, we ask that you follow the dismissal policies and procedures that are in the Parent/Student Handbook, pages 12 to 15.  Students are not allowed to cross Wright Street by themselves to get to their cars that are parked on that street.  When exiting from Wright Street, please make a right turn onto Hickory.  Cars making a left turn at this intersection cause a back-up in the flow of our dismissal line.

We also ask that you obey all signs on the streets and on the parking lot.  Please do not park where there are “No Parking” signs.  These signs are placed strategically to ensure the traffic safety of the children and allow parked cars to enter and leave “legal” parking spaces.  This includes areas where curbs are painted yellow.

Please be considerate of other cars and pedestrians around the school.  We need for everyone to adhere to slow speeds and be vigilant of children, adults, property, and other cars.  Moving cautiously and slowly, especially during drop-off and pick-up times, is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone.  Please be patient and move with caution.

When dropping off or picking up students, please make sure that when you park your car that your engine is turned off and young children are not left unattended in cars.  We must remain vigilant concerning the safety and well-being of all our students.  Thank you for your cooperation concerning this issue.

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe.

Important Notice to ES Parents:

This is a reminder that parents may not park on the Office on Aging lots during morning drop-off, during the day or during afternoon pick-up.  It is essential that everyone honor this request regardless of the open spaces on these lots.


Students should arrive at school NO EARLIER than 7:20 AM.  Staff will not be available to supervise students until that time.  At 7:20 am, students may exit vehicles when indicated to do so by a staff member. Cars are to proceed slowly down the driveway past the parking lot to the semi-circle. Students should exit their vehicles curbside at either the main office doors or the doors near the mission, depending on the door assignment.  The students will enter the building at 7:25 am and proceed directly to their homerooms. Cars should not pull around stopped cars to exit the lot.  Please permit all cars before you pull off and proceed.  Follow the designated exit pattern through the parking lot.


Cars are to proceed slowly down the driveway past the parking lot and turn left along the straight curb of the semi-circle.  The semi-circle will be closed to all traffic at pick-up time.  Proceed straight and park in the assigned lanes for each grade level within the parking lot. Parents/guardians picking up 8th graders will park in lane 1 (closest to the mission). Lane 2 will be for the 7th grade. Lane 3 will be for the 6th grade. There should be three rows of cars in each lane.  Teachers will place cones at the front and rear of each row of cars.  Please follow the directions of the faculty in the parking lot. Students will be dismissed by grade level and must walk socially distanced to their vehicle and immediately enter it.


If your carpool includes students in multiple grades, one of them is 7th grade, please use the 7th-grade lane. If no one is in 7th grade,  please decide what lane you will enter so the students can locate you. Please be sure to communicate with students about which lane you will be using.
Students are not permitted to congregate in the parking lot. When exiting the lot at dismissal, cars should only make a right-hand turn onto Route 22.  Left-hand turns block the vision of right-turning drivers and are risky at any time onto Route 22.  Please be patient, as cars need to be careful exiting onto Route 22. 

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