School Facilities and Beliefs

About St. Margaret School

The St. Margaret Catholic School facilities include:

2 Campuses

  • ES campus  PK - Gr 5
  • MS campus Gr 6 - 8

Both campuses include: Gym, Health suites, Counselor offices, Library/Media Centers, Resource rooms

4 Buildings

  • Early Childhood Center
  • Primary
  • Elementary
  • Middle School Educational Center

PreK Playground

Two places of worship: St. Margaret Church and The Callahan Center

Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe that it is our responsibility to assist parents in educating their children in the teachings of the Catholic Church and to show positive examples of living our Catholic values.
  • We believe that the Eucharist and prayer are essential to Catholic Christian formation.
  • We believe in providing students with opportunities to participate in local, regional, and global outreach.
  • We believe that parental involvement is essential in promoting learning and the whole child's development.
  • We believe that education is a cooperative effort of parents, students, educators, and the community.                    
  • We believe that every child has the potential to learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • We believe that every individual is unique and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • We believe that positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students, staff, parents, and the community can enhance students’ self-worth.
  • We believe in providing an environment where our students develop character, respect, and responsibility for themselves and others.
  • We believe in providing an environment in which each student is encouraged to develop and share his/her talents, skills, and abilities.
  • We believe that our students deserve educators who are caring, knowledgeable, and committed to lifelong learning and professional growth.