Monday, December 12

#love4Maggie results

Thursday, November 17

Why Catholic schools didn't fail while public ones did during COVID

We hope you enjoy this article from the New York Post that speaks of the strengths of Catholic education and how our students excelled during Covid compared to students in public schools who often struggled. We are proud of our curriculum and the dedication of our teachers, who successfully guided students through some very challenging times. St. Margaret students continue to thrive today in an environment of academic excellence, faith-based learning, joy, and love.

Wednesday, February 2

2022 Teacher of the Year! Congratulations....

Monday, January 31

What our students are saying about their school...

Watch the video

Thursday, December 9

#Love4Maggie results

Thursday, October 28

School closed Friday, October 29, 2021

St. Margaret School follows Harford County Public Schools for inclement weather decisions, therefore St. Margaret School will be closed tomorrow, Friday, October 29. We will reschedule Halloween activities for a later date. School is closed on Monday, November 1st for Parent conferences. Conferences will be held as scheduled on Monday.

Tuesday, August 31


St. Margaret School follows Harford County for inclement weather decisions. Therefore, we will be following Harford County Public Schools early closing tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1, due to impending weather. The Middle School dismissal will be at 11:45am and the Elementary School dismissal at 12:05pm

Thursday, August 19

2022 Fall Festival

Wednesday, June 30

Uniform sale! Don't miss out it runs July 6 to 8

Saturday, April 3

Easter Video

Hope you enjoy our Easter video!