About Us

St. Margaret School provides a Catholic Education based upon the belief that each child is a unique creation of God. The school’s main responsibility is to instill in each child an understanding and appreciation of the values and ideals of the Catholic faith.

The school community acknowledges its responsibility to educate the whole child by providing a strong spiritual & academic foundation as well as opportunities for cultural growth and aesthetic appreciation. Relationships are nurtured by upholding Gospel values, accepting democracy as a theme of social and civic progress, appreciating the importance of diversity, and engaging in service to others.

Affirming the basic right of parents to educate their children, St. Margaret School accepts the privilege of sharing in that educational responsibility. The school community acknowledges that the clergy, faculty, and staff are the nucleus of the school.

The faculty and staff of St. Margaret School are pledged to mutual support and openness with each other. Through cooperative efforts, they enhance each other’s professional growth and enable the school to meet its objectives.

The purpose of St. Margaret School is to prepare each child to become self-reliant, to have a positive sense of self-worth, to cope with problems, to face new challenges, and to appreciate the joys of life.

St. Margaret School was honored to be acknowledged as a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School on September 24, 2013 by Secretary Arne Duncan of the U.S. Department of Education.  This means that Saint Margaret School is a school that, according to its standardized test scores, ranks in the top 15% of schools in the nation and proves to be an exemplary school in other areas of viability. This includes public schools and private schools in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.  Only 50 private schools in the nations are selected each year.

An extensive application was completed focusing on indicators of success in areas of curriculum, methodologies, instruction, professional development and governance.  All reports were substantiated by data and narratives. Schools that are eligible for this award all have exemplary test scores and strong academic programs; however, it is their unique “story” that will set them apart from others. Here, at St. Margaret School, our strong Catholic identity and focus on spreading the Gospel message highlights our commitment to service and a faith-filled education and set us apart.

St. Margaret School is located on two campuses in Bel Air.  The Elementary School Campus is located on Hickory Avenue next to St. Margaret Church just off Main Street in Downtown Bel Air. The Elementary Campus consists of several buildings joined by attractive walkways and grassy play areas and features numerous classrooms, full gymnasium, art room, computer lab, music room, health room and administrative offices. The School buildings are located within close proximity of the Bel Air Police Department, the Town Hall, Fire Department, Harford County Library, Shamrock Park, and Senior Citizen Activity Center. Students attend weekly mass at Saint Margaret Church.

Our Middle School Campus is located 2.5 miles north on Route 22 (Churchville Road).  New in 2001, our middle school building has a large art room, fully-equipped science lab and connecting science classroom, library/media center, health suite, faculty room, gym, and a suite of offices for administrative staff.  Middle School students participate in weekly religious services in the Callahan Center/Mission located adjacent to the Middle School building.

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